VIGNOBLES GALINEAU & FILS Vin de Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge au domaine

Tasting Notes from Le Guide des Vins Dussert-Gerber 2018


«A fine 2012 Bordeaux Supérieur, in a dark red tone, that offers a lovely harmony with its notes of ripe berries. A wine which combines colour and mouthfeel, with a full body dominated by fresh fruit and humus. A fine 2010, with aromas of musk and cooked redcurrant. Nice viscosity, a robust, persistent taste, plus ripe, generous tannins in a rich colour. The 2009 is a wine of intense colour. Its rich bouquet is a blend of delicate tannins and persistent roundness, with notes of over-ripe wild strawberries. A dense, full-bodied wine that has improved with time.
A nice white Bordeaux, very fruity and harmonious, with primary flavours of white flowers and hazelnut.»