VIGNOBLES GALINEAU & FILS Vin de Bordeaux Supérieur Rouge au domaine

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Nos Récompenses » 2015 Château Bellevue Favereau Tasting Notes

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«Lovely dark hue with a touch of youth. Nose marked by oak overtones between notes of graphite and roasted coffee. More of the same on the palate, where the fruit is relegated to the background. The wine is balanced although the ageing aromas dominate excessively.» Note 84/100  

Nos Récompenses » 2016 Château Haut Favereau Tasting Notes

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Beautiful, sustained color, young purplish glints. Nose of ripe red berries with an earthy tone. The palate is clear, balanced, fruity with a final dimension a little firmer. the whole remains fresh, harmonious. Note 83/100

Nos Récompenses » “Portraits of Winegrowers” in Sommeliers International

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«Regularly awarded, the Galineau family wines meet great success. Evidence of this is some vintages are out of stock. Half of the production of the estate is sold in partnership with 12 merchants of the Bordeaux trade and the other part is exported. Recently the domain invested in a winery that enables them to bottle at the estate. The wines from the Galineau vineyards are now part of the inescapable Bordeaux Supérieurs!» Sylvia van der Velden   THE SOMMELIERS’ IMPRESSION

Nos Récompenses » Tasting Notes from Le Guide des Vins Dussert-Gerber 2018

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«A fine 2012 Bordeaux Supérieur, in a dark red tone, that offers a lovely harmony with its notes of ripe berries. A wine which combines colour and mouthfeel, with a full body dominated by fresh fruit and humus. A fine 2010, with aromas of musk and cooked redcurrant. Nice viscosity, a robust, persistent taste, plus ripe, generous tannins in a rich colour. The 2009 is a wine of intense colour. Its rich bouquet is a blend of delicate tannins and persistent roundness, with notes of over-ripe wild strawberries. A dense, full-bodied wine that has improved with time. A nice white Bordeaux,...